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Research & Development

Our primary goal in our R&D unit is to increase the quality of the services to be offered to the customers.

By analysing our export products according to the market of the country of sale with our team, we prepare quickly the collections appropriate to our customer demand with our experienced design team.

Our research team working inregratedly with our design unit collects the latest trends to our information repository by following the world fashion closely and then, adds it to our collection quickly.

Our R & D team targets to have the most powerful and fastest collection network in the sector, with yarn purchases and the integrations with our collaborative yarn manufacturers, and with our design that have been made suitable to price-quality demands of our customers.

Yarn - Research & Development

Kirazlı triko, depending on fashion trends and customer expectations, successfully utilizes mixed yarns and Fancy Yarns such as Cotton, Cotton/Acrylic, 100% Wool, Lambs Wool, Washable Wool, Viscose/Poyamide/Angora, Tencel/Poyamide/Angora, Viscose/Poyamide/Cashmire, Tencel, Cotton/Modal, Cotton/Acrylic, Cotton/Viscose, hattush, Core spun, mouline and Shardon.

We share our innovations and trends regarding the yarn quality with our customers in each season through our research and development services. Our special yarn collection is developed by Italian and local yarn suppliers.


Our point of view is always to develop ourselves and add value to the works of our customers. Our design services enable us to maintain our competition advantage between the suppliers in the market on one hand; also help to find the right product for our customers on the other hand. Thanks to our creative and customer-focused design team, we obtain %55 of our sales from special collections.

We believe that another value that our design services add is our ability to reflect our market experience upon our collections by interpreting details and ideas appropriate to the core of the brand on behalf of which we provide designs. For this reason, the most important point is to understand the needs of customers. We provide our customers with information and recommendations regarding the innovations by following all relevant fashion fairs and shows and periodically visiting stores abroad apart from providing designs upon briefings from customers regarding designs.


In our collections prepared by following closely the world fashion trends and fashion fairs with our professional team, we realize customer-focused works and create products that contain the individual life of the modern people by reflecting the latest versions of fashion trends and without compromising our quality approach. In Kirazlı Triko's design approach, which believes in itself and present a powerful and innovative concept thanks to its quality, experience and innovative point of view, prepares rich collections appropriate to the pleasure and fashion and appealing to special persons who prefer to be different.