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Human Resources

Our corporate culture giving particular importance to mutual trust and ethical values is the basis of our human resources policy.

Our basic human resource policy is to create an environment increasing motivation of the employees, invest in employee’s development, constitute the necessary policies and technical information for saving and developing this environment, make our company more attractive in terms of qualified personnel and to protect our qualified personnel.


Health & Safety Policy

Kirazli Triko produces products and services in accordance with internationally accepted, highest Social Compatibility Standards. For this reason, the firm assures all of its employees’ rights pursuant to laws and other convenient standards, complies with all of employees’ health and occupational security rules and always acts with the awareness of avoiding environmental pollution. Our firm, determining and minimising occupational health and security risks, follows and applies the most current applications of its sector, customers and business partners as well as the legal regulations regarding employees’ health and occupational security. The firm provides trainings for its employees to enable them to learn their responsibilities in terms of employees’ health and occupational security by; Introducing measures regarding employees’ ,health and occupational security in accordance with international accepted management system standards, Periodically reviewing management systems and applications in order to achieve sustainable improvements, Our firm has devoted itself to forming and sustain a safer, healthier and more productive workplace by contributing to the developments of suppliers regarding the suppliers, employees’ health and occupational measures and awareness.


Environmental Policy

As a Kirazli Greener Production “military and commercial ship design we continue with slogans, build, repair activities we have implemented our Environmental Policy;

  • Apply perfectly environment, occupational health and safety rules;
  • Use efficiently energy and natural resources;
  • Protect natural resources and develop recovering possibilities by reducing waste;
  • Raise the awareness of all employee (and suppliers) about environment;
  • Exploit our facility in accordance with all relevant legal regulations;
  • Fulfil all requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certificate.

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